July 2, 2008

Paid internship: Nike field reporter

This sounds awesome. Must be a female, aged 18-24, to apply...
"If you think you have what it takes to volley one-liners with Maria Sharapova, kick it with Hope Solo, and Q&A over cappuccinos with Serena Williams, this is your dream job.

Right now, we’re holding open casting calls for a Nike Field Reporter.

You’ll jet set across the country to interview the most talented female professional athletes. Get the dish on what they’re into at the moment, ask the questions no one else will dare to ask, and get the last word with the biggest girls in the game.

All your on-the-job expenses (including travel and gear) will be paid for by us.

And best of all, you’ll get to report back all of your findings on the Nike Field Reporter blog using written entries, videos and photos."
The deadline to apply is August 8. For more info, click here.

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