October 2, 2008

$20,000 college broadcast journalism contest

Fox News Channel is offering a $20,000 broadcast journalism contest for college juniors and seniors. Moreover, the winners may receive a paid internship or entry-level job at Fox News.

The "Fox News Channel College Challenge" requires teams of two to four students (juniors and seniors only) to research, write, produce and submit an objective broadcast news story selected from a list of provided topics. A panel of journalists from Fox News Channel will judge the entries.

The winning team will share a scholarship of $10,000 and the team's school will receive a matching grant of $10,000. In addition, the winning team and one administrator will be invited to appear on Fox News Channel to talk about the winning entry and their experience.

Members of the winning team, who are juniors, will be eligible for an internship at Fox News Channel. Members of the winning team, who are seniors, will receive an entry-level-job interview at Fox News Channel.

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