January 6, 2010

Connecticut sports journalism scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship is available to a high school senior from Connecticut who is admitted to an accredited four-year college for studies leading to a career in sports journalism. Winners may apply for increased grants for succeeding years in college. Candidates must submit the following: a one-page essay explaining why they are pursuing a career in sports journalism; transcript of academic history; show involvement in journalism; a letter of recommendation; three (3) samples of the applicant's writing since Sept. 1, 2008, from a daily or weekly newspaper, a magazine, an online site or a school publication. For further information, please call Robert Barton, Alliance scholarship chairman at (860) 677-0087 or email at RbrtBarton @ aol.com. Deadline to apply is January 25 or postmarked before noon on Jan. 23.

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