December 10, 2010

Journalism jobs @ new Chicago newspaper

The Top Sheet is a new, daily print newspaper, launched by the team that brings you The Printed Blog.

The Top Sheet presents SUMMARIES of the most important – and most interesting – media found in OTHER publications on a beautiful, double-sided, 11x17 page, every day.

No other print newspaper in the world presents content from The New York Times, The Economist, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Jeff Jarvis, and the Chicago Sun-Times (just to name a few) right next to amazing independent bloggers like The Bitchy Waiter, Neal Boulton at HeroinLife and TheBloggess.

The Top Sheet is distributed at train stations that feed into Chicago. Each distribution point has it’s own version of the paper (in 1,000 reader increments), so the summaries (and advertisements) can be different – specific, targeted, engaging and local.

We are seeking EDITORS to select the media for each distribution location.

Our editorial perspective is unique. We are seeking editors who have an insight into what is important to the communities they represent, however, we are less interested in finding locally created content, or content created specifically for the locale.

Instead, we wish to take APPLICABLE content from ANYWHERE in the world and put THAT into the hands of our local reader.

Summaries in The Top Sheet aren’t only limited to articles – editors can drive traffic to ANY online content (videos, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, web sites, etc) that is applicable to the community and to the theme the editor wishes to present on any given day.

We are seeking JOURNALISTS to compose the summaries.

Writing concise, interesting, complete summaries of complex topics is difficult. We’re seeking experienced writers who can distill stories into approximately 140 character (give or take) overviews. Journalists will work closely with the editors to ensure that the editor’s theme for any given day is well accomplished by the totality of summaries.

Editors – please send a couple of paragraphs discussing the Chicago-area communities you know best, and why would be a compelling editor. If you wish to include a resume you may, but we’d also like to get to know you through a couple of custom paragraphs of text.

Journalists – please compose a handful of 140 to 200 character summaries of recent content (please include the URLs to the source). Also, please include a resume.

Send your information to

Joshua Karp
The Top Sheet
(312) 305-1000

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