January 24, 2012

Entry-level legal journalism job in NYC

Law360, an online daily newswire that covers breaking legal news, is hiring news assistants for its New York City newsroom.

News assistants are responsible for researching and pitching story ideas, corresponding with readers and sources, assisting reporters with advisory board meetings and background research, maintaining conference and event calendars, and light administrative work. News assistants may also be given opportunities to write for the newswire.

This position is ideal for an entry-level professional looking to gain experience in reporting; specifically developing story ideas, enhancing research skills, and sharpening reporting abilities.

Law360 offers extensive training on legal topics. Business or legal reporting experience is not required. However, professional reporting experience and strong writing and analytical skills are required to succeed in this job. Please note; qualified candidates will be asked to complete writing and reporting tests electronically.

Apply online at http://bit.ly/wnjDaq

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