March 7, 2008

Investigative journalism fellowship

U.C. Berkeley's Investigative Reporting Program is accepting applications for three year-long fellowships. The training program aims to "develop a new generation of investigative reporters," so young journalists should consider applying.

It pays $45,000 and includes health insurance, office space, business expenses and travel funds.

"The graduate program in investigative reporting in the coming year will focus on corporate corruption, particularly the way some U.S. companies operate overseas," according to the announcement. "Entries for the 2008-2009 fellowships are urged to present detailed areas of inquiry within this broad subject area. Proposals could include print and broadcast components as well as multimedia projects for the Internet. Their findings will be published or broadcast for general circulation. Fellows will report on stories that serve the public interest and have been traditionally under-reported by traditional news organizations. "

For more info, click here. The deadline is April 1.

-Mark Grabowski

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