September 29, 2010

Entry-level TV journalism jobs @ PBS

PBS, a non-profit public broadcasting service with 354 member TV stations in the U.S., is offering entry-level desk assistant positions for its NewsHour program. Jobs run from January 3, 2011, to July 15, 2011, and are based in Washington, D.C.

"Six-month entry-level program [is] aimed at providing practical experience in a broadcast news setting," the ad states. "The DAs are exposed to all aspects involved in producing a nightly television news program. This position is divided into rotations among the different units that compose the NewsHour: research, newsroom, tape library, reporting, and production. Over the course of the program, each of the 8 Desk Assistants hired will work in 3 of the 6 different rotations for a period of two months each."

Apply by Oct. 31. Click here for application and more info.

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