February 22, 2011

Paid internship @ CNN's Political Unit

CNN is offering two paid summer internships in its Political Unit in Washington, D.C.

Internships run from June 6 to August 12. Interns are paid at minimum-wage course credit is available. Students must have completed their sophomore year in college prior to the start of the internship. In addition, students may not have graduated college or graduate school prior to the start of the internship. International students may apply.

As a Political Unit intern, students will have the opportunity to gain insight into U.S. political system and CNN’s editorial process. They will learn how to compile research for the DC based show, Situation Room, and for the presidential, governors, senate and house elections through CNN Political Unit contacts and the Internet. They will be able to strengthen their research skills and contribute and listen to the show and futures meetings. In the field, interns have the opportunity to accompany producers to political events. In production, interns learn how to set up a script with tape and write using CNN’s database. Interns will also learn how to use CNN’s tape database to locate tapes for packages and sound bites for air. Interns would need to be available during the week for this internship.

Click here for more info and to apply online.

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