March 15, 2011

Paid summer internship on Nancy Grace Show

A paid summer internship is available for the Nancy Grace Show, a CNN show that covers crime and legal news.

Internship is based in Atlanta, runs from June 6th through August 26th and pays minimum wage. Students must have completed their sophomore year of college and may not have graduated college or graduate school prior to the start of the internship. College credit is available.

The Nancy Grace Show is the flagship show in the CNN family of networks for crime and legal news, and is one of the keys of the HLN programming lineup and its success in primetime programming. The Nancy Grace Show delves into the legal topics of the day with a fast paced and dynamic. In addition to Nancy Grace, the show provides views from leaders in both the legal and law enforcement field to discuss the stories making news in the crime and punishment arena.

Internship Description: Interns with the Nancy Grace Show in Atlanta are responsible for supporting the Atlanta based production and booking staff. Production duties will include feeding video elements between Atlanta and the New York production teams, cataloguing video elements used in each show, and tracking the video through to the Atlanta library. Interns also will assist in the greeting and seating of various on air guests, assisting in research for booking teams, and providing support for the show host and host’s assistant.

Required Qualifications/Skills: The intern for the Nancy Grace Show should be able to multi-task. As an intern for the show’s Atlanta based staff, candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, a background in journalism/television production, and have an ability to work in an environment that is often times fast paced and fast moving. An ability to move quickly and operate well under deadline is preferred.

Submit application online. Click here, scroll down to locate position and apply online.

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