January 26, 2012

Popular sports website hiring 20 journalists

Bleacher Report, a popular website that provides fans-contributed content on sports, will be hiring 20 "real" sports reporters.

"Bleacher Report’s new hires, who will cover specific fields like baseball and soccer, will join the five existing 'Lead Writers' who were brought on last year to provide football-centered coverage," according to paidContent.org. These will be paid positions, unlike the vast majority of writing positions at the sports content mill.

Incidentally, the website currently has an opening for a lead writer based in San Francisco. Click here to apply. They're also offering a 6-month paid breaking news internship in San Fran -- click here to apply..

The website receives about 10 million unique visitors per month and ranks 11th among sports websites nationwide, according to comScore Media Metrix. It also shares its content with the websites of the USA Today and Philadelphia Inquirer.

So, if you're looking for a sports journalism job, why not send them your resume?

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