January 25, 2011

Paid summer internships in new media

Paid 8-week new media internships are available year-round at newspapers and websites nationwide through the Institute for Humane Studies.

During a new media internship, you’ll be involved with many aspects of web reporting:
* Write stories for a news outlet’s website
* Edit and publish supporting video and audio
* Use twitter and other social networks to push the stories.

The internships includes:
*A $3,200 stipend and a travel allowance (interns must obtain their own room and board)
* Participation in a weeklong professional workshop, Journalism & the Free Society
* Mentoring from industry professionals

Host organizations may include web-only media firms and established media companies with aggressive new media strategies. Past hosts have been:
* DC Examiner
* Breitbart TV
* The Daily Caller
* The Burlington Times

Deadline to apply for a summer internship is January 31. Click here for more info and to apply.

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