March 11, 2011

Editorial internship @ SMITH magazine

SMITH, a Manhattan-based online magazine devoted to storytelling in all its forms, seeks college students or recent graduates who can work 7-10 hours a week either virtually or in its office for a minimum of three months. No pay for the first month, then a $50 a month stipend, depending on your commitment. If you’re amazing we’ll throw you the occasional bonus.

You’ll have opportunities to write for the site, generate ideas for new projects, and participate in as much or little of the making of an online magazine as you desire. Grunt work is minimal (the occasional spreadsheet and transcribing of an interview). What we will do is give you a great opportunity to get some hands-on, practical experience at the ground level of a hot indie Web site. We will ask you to research, copyedit, and spread SMITH stories across the Net to appropriate sites. If you’re a master of social networking, or want to be, we’ll get you involved on our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr pages. You’ll be working with people with years of experience at some of the top magazines in the industry.

To apply, send an e-mail to “news [at]” with either: 1) a 250 to 400-word Brush With Fame that you’ve either written yourself or assigned to a friend who you know has had a celebrity encounter (if you haven’t); 2) a 150-200 word blog entry about an interesting storytelling “Site We Love” or a “Call for Submissions” we haven’t done yet. Also include: a) Links to three stories on the site that you love. b) One book you think Memoirville should excerpt in 2010, or an example of an unknown writer/blogger whom SMITH should publish. c) A resume. d) A short cover letter telling us why you’re interested in a SMITH Magazine internship. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please send attachments in Word or Rich Text format.

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