March 22, 2011

Paid travel blogging internship in Panama

A resort on Isla Palenque, a new private island community in Panama, is offering a paid summer blogging internship.

The intern will spend 4-6 weeks this blogging on the site of the future eco-resort in Panama, these ambitious young travelers are ready to change the world while discovering it. In addition, the intern will have their travel expenses covered, be provided with housings and meals, receive a $2,500 stipend and college credit is available.

"Besides exploring, participating in heart-racing adventure sports, connecting with our neighbors and soaking up the surrounding beauty, we're very open to how your time will be spent," the ad says "In fact, we can't wait to hear how this experience fits into your greater life purpose. Perhaps you are a budding travel writer, an environmentalist, an architect, a biologist, archeologist, social media strategist, anthropologist or even a mobile app developer - we want you to shape this experience into your dream job. We've provided the stunning tropical island - the rest is up to you."

A contest is being held to select the intern, and applicants must submit a video. Click here for more details and to apply. Deadline is March 28.

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