February 22, 2012

Sports journalism internships with Major League Baseball teams

Trying to get a gig in Social Media? Want to work for Major League Baseball? Want to go to a ton of games? Let's talk. MLB.com is looking to hire a real-time social media intern for each of the 30 Major League Club markets. If you get Google Alerts for the latest from Mashable, have your own TUMBLR, know what Pinterest is, and know your sports, pop culture and current events, then we are talking to you. Bonus points if you use a hashtag when texting with friends while acting like it's a completely normal thing.

Here's what we want: Check out mlb.com/thewall. Take a look at some of our posts. Then create your own post for your specific city, team, and/or market. No more than 300 words, please. IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST live in the city you are applying for. You can put the post in a Word document, create your own blog, send a link to your own blog post, whatever. We don't care. As long as we can figure out how to read your stuff, then just send it.

Please send all posts AND YOUR RESUME to RealTime[at]mlb.com with your FIRST and LAST NAME + CITY you are applying for in subject line. FOLLOW THIS FORMAT: JOHN SMITH -- CINCINNATTI.

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